NPORS - Chainsaw Training

Course Aims

The NPORS Chainsaw course is designed to highlight to participants the dangers of chainsaw use and the safe operating procedures necessary to avoid accidents and injuries.


Course Content

  • Employer and employee legal responsibilities

  • Health & Safety Act 1974 and other relevant legislation

  • PPE

  • Pre-operational checks

  • Chainsaw maintenance (workshop safety)

  • Chain sharpening

  • Lubrication and refueling

  • Starting and pre-cutting checks

  • Crosscutting and stacking timber

  • De-limbing

  • Site safety including allowing for wind factor when cutting



  • Petrol

  • Electric

  • Air


Duration of Training

Training 1 day.



To achieve the NPORS Operators Card candidates must pass both the NPORS Theory Test and the Practical Test.

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