CPCS - Excavator 360 Below 10 Tonnes - Wheeled

Course Aims

To provide thorough theory and practical training in operating a 360 Degree Excavator below 10 Tonnes Wheeled, to enable the candidate to competently (and safely) carry out the role and complete the CPCS Theory and Practical Tests successfully.


Course Content

  • Operating the plant machinery to a minimum standard

  • Fitting and operating ancillary equipment

  • Siting the machine safely and efficiently

  • Carrying out minor adjustments and routine servicing procedures

  • Preparing the machine for travelling on the public highway

  • The capabilities of each machine, its purpose and limitations

  • All safety precautions necessary for the correct operation of the plant machinery

  • How diesel engines work and how various parts of the machine operate

  • How to interpret the information provided by level pegs, profiles and so on

  • What routine adjustments and servicing procedures are necessary, and how to carry them out


Duration of Training

Depending on experience.

Novice training 8-10 days.



A: Tracked

B: Wheeled


Additional Course

Excavator 360 Below 10 Tonnes - Lifting Operations



To obtain the Red CPCS Trained Operator Card all candidates must pass the Health, Safety and Environment Touch Screen Test (within the last 2 years) and the CPCS Technical Theory Test and Technical Practical Test. 

CPCS - Theory Test Questions